The 2001 Coupes Moto Légende


In 1961, a standard Velocette Venom set up a world record, running 24 hours on the Montlhery track at an average speed higher than 100 mph (160 kph). To celebrate the 40th anniversary of this event, the Velocette Owners Club organised a more than 100 Velocette parade. Most participants came riding from the UK.


Here are displayed some pictures taken before and after the parade. There are no pictures of the parade since I was myself participating (experiencing some trouble as one can read hereafter).



Some pictures of the Velocette camp.


On the left, the reception tent.


My Velocette MSS 1954.


On the right, beside a very nice bike.


Parade is preparing.


Some Velocette are not black or grey  ! The red one is an early 60s Velocette Venom.

Look at the fairing, typical from that time.


On the left, the line is getting longer.


On the right, the remains of the magneto driving gear of my Velocette after two turns on the track. This year the week-end was short. Later on I installed a metallic gear which works perfectly.


Velocette Thruxton, the sportiest type of the 60s. The ultimate state of the 500 single.


Velocette KTT 350 MkVIII.



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