The 2002 Coupes Moto Légende


In 2001, during Coupes Moto Légende, more than 100 Velocette paraded. In 2002, more than 150 Vincent did the same.




The Vincent group.



On the left, one cannot see 150 but they stood there. Nothing but Vincent.


On the right, Patrick Godet's booth. He restores and even builds new Vincent. He got from Sam Egli the right to build Egli Vincent.


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Our british friends were back in number : They enjoyed the 2001 event.


Some of them joined the Vincent owners...


Other went to the place which is reserved to clubs, where they could quietly do some fixing.


When you ride a Velocette from East Midlands, there are obviously some nuts and bolts to tighten.


The Roarer at Montlhéry : Ivan Rhodes brought the Roarer and Graham Rhodes rode it.


Graham Rhodes and the Roarer : a rare show..




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