The 2003 Coupes Moto Légende



2003 was the last Montlhéry year for Coupes Moto Légende. Since 2004, the Coupes have taken place at Dijon Prenois.



The Velocette to ride on track, the 550 Four Honda to ride back home in the evening. No way to move the car for three days. Such a nice place would be definitely lost.


On the right, the MSS is ready to be riden on the Montlhéry track for the 8th and last year.


Since 2001, the british Velocette Owners Club members have been very numerous.


On the left, the East Midlands section, in charge of logistics (including tea).


In 2003, Ivan Rhodes displayed the 1961 world record Velocette.


This bike was, a few weeks later, one of the victims of the fire which destroyed the National Motorcycle Museum where it was on display.


These pictures are some of the last ones of this legendary bike which has been hopefully completely restored by Ivan Rhodes.


A rare Indian Velo. The Indian Velo would deserve a page in the “Velocette range“ part.


The most beautiful Velocette to be seen at Montlhéry in 2003 : a prewar MAC (1936) riden from the UK by his owner.


The owner sold copies of road safety posters from the 50s.


I supported him as a translator for french customers. A rare moment.


Look at the road roll on the handle bar.


He rode frome the UK on secundary roads in Normandy and Ile de France.



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