Starting a cold Velocette



It's not mandatory to push a Velocette to get it started !




Open one of the fuel taps, right-hand side preferably.

If the carburetter is of the remote mixing chamber type, lean the machine sharply over to the right for
about twenty seconds to raise the level of the fuel in the mixing chamber or, if the carburetter is a
concentric one, flood the carburetter a little by pressing down the tickler on the carburetter
float chamber lid. After a few seconds, fuel will be seen to seep out through a small hole in the side
of the mixing chamber. As soon as this is seen release the the tickler or bring the machine upright.
Do not flood the carburetter excessively even when the engine is cold.


Close the air lever and set the throttle stop (if any) clockwise until the lug on the screw touches the side
of the mixing chamber.

Raise the exhaust valve lifter lever on the handlebar and whilst holding it up press down the kick starter
slowly. After a short distance, the ratchet will be felt to engage the ratchet gear in the gearbox.
Continue pressing the kick starter to rotate the engine and when the kick starter has reached the
bottom, release it. Repeat this operation a few times to draw combustible mixture into the cylinder
and to free the engine.

When this has been done, release the exhaust valve lifter lever and press down the kick starter as
before. Resistance will now be met before the kick starter reaches the bottom due to the compression
of gas in the cylinder. When this is felt raise the exhaust valve lifter leverand press the kick starter
a little further and very slowly. Release the kick starter, allowing it to come to the top and then
after pressing it down slowly once more to engage the ratchets give it a sharp downward thrust without
touching the exhaust valve lifter lever. Keep the twist grip shut during these operations and keep
the hand off the grip, as the action of kick starting tends to jerk the hand on the grip and opens
the throttle involuntarily causing difficult starting.

If the engine does not start at the first attempt, press down the kick starter slowly again against
compression and, after easing the piston over compression by using the valve lifter as described,
and returning the kick starter, make another attempt.

The explanation of this method is somewhat lengthy but in practice the operation takes only a very
short time and the knack is soon learnt.




NOTA : If your Velocette is fitted with a Monobloc, Concentric or GP carburetter
don't lean it onto the right to flood the carburetter ! Use the tickler




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